New for this Week: More Holiday Special Prices!


pink satin flower on a white satin headband.. $6

"classic bows" measuring 4" in length attached to a skinny elastic headband... $4

And lastly, more bobby pins:  the perfect stocking stuffer!  Buy one for $2 or buy 3 for $5!


simple clips


These are perfect for when babies are starting to grow hair or for holding back the bangs of an older girl.

They come in two variations… and lots of different colors!

The “basic clip”:

And the “deluxe clip”:

Holiday Special Prices:  $1.50 for the basic and $2 for the deluxe!  Interested in several?  Discounts available!

Here’s little Hannah-bean sporting her favorite simple clip!

pins, pins, and more pins


bobby pins:  became popular in the 1920’s and still going strong today.  practical has now become beautiful.

Wear one at a time.  Or wear two!  Add a few to your collection today.  Holiday special price:  $2

lots of seersucker!



These headbands are covered in white satin and measure 14 inches in length and just 1/4 inch in width.  They look perfect on little AND big girls alike… just not newborns!

Holiday Special Price:  $6

turquoise, deep gray, and tan... this one says "vintage" to me

my personal favorite...

brown, white, and green seersucker


green, gray, and yellow seersucker

white, tan, and green seersucker

last one for now...



Welcome to Hannah’s Bows!  I started making clips and bows for my little girl several months ago and have decided to share them with you as well.  You will find different styles of headbands, clips, bobby pins, and rings for sale.  Custom orders are welcome!